Our staff are veterans in the online television industry and have years of board-level experience working with broadcasters, operators, service-providers and technology vendors across all areas of the glass-to-glass process. We bring with us:

  • Hands-on experience of running VOD services. We’ve led video projects, managed the P&L, been responsible for product planning and development, written functional and technical specifications and looked after technology roadmaps inside the VOD departments of broadcasters and service-providers;
  • Extensive knowledge of the supply chain and the leading vendor solutions in, for example, asset management, content delivery, content recommendation, encoding and transcoding, live-to-VOD, metadata, payment and CRM, scheduling, security, systems integration and workflow;
  • An encyclopaedia of information about online video products and services, across platforms, from around the world through the research that we’ve done – and continue to do – to power our VUIX Library resource;
  • A comprehensive understanding of the pay and business models deployed by service-providers as well as unique insights into evolving market trends and consumer viewing behaviours;
  • A wide-ranging contacts book which we’ve developed through many years of relationship-building, writing articles, attending events and running our own annual VUIX conference.

I commissioned Vodkr (formerly VOD Professional) to do two pieces of research recently. We were really impressed by the reports they produced. Both were pitched correctly for the audience and the style of report and final delivery was great. Their ability to identify and highlight areas of particular relevance to our VOD business was extremely valuable.

Gulliver Smithers
former VP of Product, BBC Worldwide
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Projects & Customers

Business Models

Through detailed market analysis we wrote a comprehensive feasibility study and financial forecasts for a European broadcaster about their potential move from AVOD to SVOD and the effects on their P&L.

Process Management

We analysed the legacy DAMs and MAMs (digital and media asset management systems) – as well as metadata and related workflows – for a European broadcaster in preparation for  a major archive digitisation project .

Vendor Positioning

We constantly speak to broadcasters about their products and technology roadmaps. As a result, we’ve been able to help a number of vendors with their marketing and promotion as well as writing whitepapers and presenting webinars.

UI / UX Best Practice

Using the extensive knowledge we’ve built up in our VUIX Library, we’ve been able to offer insights to multiple clients on best practice in content recommendation, personalisation, the live-to-VOD process, buying from the big screen and notifications.

Specs & Suppliers

In collaboration with internal stakeholders, we helped a European broadcaster write both functional and technical specifications for their new suite of mobile apps and choose the right technology vendors for each piece.

Consumer Studies

Over three months, we conducted multiple consumer focus groups and interviews and produced two reports and a video documentary for a global VOD-service provider on voice control and how users interact with it.


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