It May Have 60 Million Subscribers, But What Major Hurdles Does Netflix Face?
Netflix has had a great start to the year with a 28% YoY uptake in subs, but rising content costs and tricky markets could hinder its growth
Challenges Netflix Will Face in Australia and New Zealand
The SVOD giant lands down under tomorrow but may find difficulty in replicating the success it has had in the US and Europe. Here’s why.
50 VOD Professionals Nordic 2015 – Results!
Who are the fifty most influential people working in the Nordic online video industry? Here are our 2015 results!  While the rest of the world might think of the Nordics as a model for social living, a great place to see beautiful landscapes and the Aurora Borealis or as somewhere to source fantastic furniture, the
Is Amazon vs. Netflix David Against Goliath?
Despite its recent success at the Golden Globes – and a concerted effort to raise its game – Amazon vs. Netflix is still very much David against Goliath. David does eventually win however…
What’s the State of Subtitling in the VOD Marketplace?
1 in 6 people in the UK suffer from some form of hearing loss. What are service providers doing to cater for those hard of hearing?
IBC 2014 Review
A slow start at IBC this year but the show quickly found its mojo with personalisation, monetisation and virtualisation as 3 key topics...
Evolving EPGs and Increasing User Engagement
In an on-demand world, how do you evolve your electronic programming guides to drive engagement and discoverability?
An Overview of the French VOD Market Prior to Netflix’s Launch
Today we shift our focus to how France is preparing for Netflix's imminent arrival.


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