VUIX 2015 Review
This was our second conference on online video product development, user interfaces and user experience. Here's what we learned.
IBC Review 2015
The online video industry feels confident and the technologies, products and overall mood on show at IBC this year reflected that.
How to Take Payments in VOD Services
What are the different mechanisms for taking payments in VOD services? Which one should you choose and a list of specialist providers.
50 VOD Professionals UK 2015 – Results!
Who are the fifty most influential people working in the new television sector in the UK? Here’s our final list! In June 2012, the online video space here in the UK was still very much expectant. The BBC iPlayer served less than half the number of monthly video views it does now (125m requests that
Why Popcorn Time Should Act as a Wake Up Call for the TV Industry
The popularity of the illegal app represents a shifting global consumer demand for content which has to be addressed.


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